10 Google Tips for Growing Your Local Business Online

Google may be a global search behemoth, but there are numerous ways to use search to promote your small business to local customers. It is a good place to start if you haven’t already embraced digital marketing for your local business.

Here’s a quick rundown of Google tools that will help you get your business started in the digital age.

Ad Words Express

Because many small-business owners don’t have a lot of time or advertising agencies at their disposal, this is a quick and easy solution. Businesses provide some basic information, and Google creates an ad for them.

Google will also manage your ad, directing it to the right people regardless of whether they are searching on laptops or mobile devices.

Google+ Your Business

For many businesses, Facebook has become an unstoppable marketing force, and Google has its own version.

You can send links, photos, and promotions to the appropriate customers at the appropriate times.

You can make the posts public so that people can find them through search, or you can use the Circles feature to send specific messages to specific followers. You can even start live video chats with prospective customers who want to learn more.

Google Analytics

You need to know that your marketing efforts are not going to waste, and Google Analytics can help you determine how successful you are. This enterprise-worthy tool does not require an army of analysts or even an enterprise to use.

The free system enables business owners to track sales and conversions as well as compare site engagement goals to predefined thresholds. When you know who is visiting your site and what they are looking for, you can write more highly targeted ads and strengthen your marketing efforts.

Google Offers

Customers are still influenced by deals, and Google Offers connects your company with customers in your area who are looking for discounts.

Customers pay in advance for these targeted discounts, and small-business owners are paid a few days after the offer expires.

Google AdSense

While Google can bring customers to your business, it can also generate revenue.

Small-business owners can integrate custom search engines into their websites and earn money from advertisements on the search results pages.

Entrepreneurs can also use AdSense to display ads on their website that are relevant to their audience’s interests and earn money from valid clicks or impressions.

Google Keyword Tool

It all comes down to keywords, and choosing the right ones is critical for attracting the right customers to your business. This feature allows you to run keyword ideas through the wringer with any combination of keywords, a URL, and categories.

Users can compare statistics for one or more match types for your keywords at the same time.

Data is provided by the mobile search component based on search volume and competition type.

Traffic Estimator

You want to know how much your campaign will cost after you have perfected your keywords.

The average estimated cost per click, total estimated clicks, and total estimated costs for each keyword will be reported to business owners.

+1 Button

The Internet spreads like wildfire, and Google’s +1 button makes it easier for customers to share their experiences with your company.

The Google+ +1 button makes it easier for your customers to initiate conversations with their circles while also providing timely recommendations. Furthermore, +1 annotations on Google search assist in bringing these recommendations to users who are looking for your products and services.

Google Mobile

There are Google Search, Display, and YouTube ads, but mobile is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to reach consumers at the point of decision.

It is also critical that your website looks good on a variety of mobile devices. Business owners can use howtogomo.com to see how their site looks on a mobile device and receive personalized recommendations for creating a mobile-friendly experience.

Google Apps for Business

Communicating with customers and potential customers is the key to your business, but it is not always easy without the assistance of technology.

Google provides a business-ready suite of online tools, including email, a calendar, and documents.