Tips and tricks for Shopify store owners

Tips and tricks for Shopify store owners


New year is here, and new businesses are to come.

It is not so difficult to start a new business, but never an easy task to keep it going. Like any other entrepreneurs, you might be wondering how to make your e-commerce store the best.

But why not selling on another platform, you might ask? We have Amazon, eBay,… on the market which offers you the same purpose, that allows you to sell your products, and to reach a great number of customers in no time.

However, an online store of your own is always a better option, as you are free to do everything you wish, to make it unique in a way only you could offer. And Shopify is the best platform to do so.


– Why Shopify?

Shopify is big, you already know that, but how big is it? Below are some facts for you to look at:

– Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, with an almost 20% market share. It is, in fact, only behind WooCommerce

– Shopify is easy to get used to. You do not have to be an expert to be able to manage your store

– Free and paid ad-ons, themes, … that help you customize user experience.

– Shopify plans are affordable for most store owners, starting at just $29 per month.

– There are almost 1 million online stores using Shopify all over the world (source: Shopify).


Naturally, your store does not become successful out of the blue just because you decide to use Shopify, thus we are here to provide some tips that it could help.


– Choose the best fitting theme

Theme is the basic structure of your website, thus be careful what you choose, as it is the first thing customers notice when visiting.

Shopify offers ~100 different themes with even more styles that serve different fields of business. You could also customize and make your own if you wish.

– Focus on SEO

No store is successful without its customers. And SEO is the way to get more traffic. You should have someone who knows the ways to communicate with the search engines, to take care of this matter.

Making your website SEO friendly is as important as having a banner when attending a crowded fair. Customers will be guided to your store much easier.

– Optimize for Mobile

Nowadays people shop on their phones almost all the time. And it is no surprise that nearly 50% of online orders are placed on mobile phones.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, it is a guarantee that you will lose a large portion of sale.

– Offer free shipping

Behavior study shows that almost 100% people would choose a $100 product with free shipping over a 0$ product with a $100 shipping fee. Free shipping is one of the best things to attract customers.

Consider this if you are starting a new business and wish to have as many customers as possible.

– Push for product reviews

People tend to buy products that have been bought before and have good reviews from customers.

They are more likely to believe other fellow users than shop owners. It is always recommended to encourage your customer to leave a comment on your products.

– Integrate multiple payment options

Not all customers use the same payment methods to purchase online, and you do not want to miss one order because a specific payment is not supported in your store.

One great idea is to allow sellers to save their payment information by creating an account. This will make them feel like coming back again is worth it. You also want to offer options like Paypal, debit/credit, cryptocurrency, and wire transfer.

– Allow guess checkout

This simple process might save you more sales than you expect.

Nowadays people sometimes are “lazy” enough that you do not wish to create an account just to purchase something online, thus ready to abandon the cart if needed.

Guess checkout could help save you a potential sale, and might help them stay with you next time as well.

– Download the best apps on the market

Some of the above actions cannot be manually achieved, thus automation is highly recommended. There are more than 5000 applications in the stores that could help you with these tasks.

The most common ones could be found on the top pages on search, and here are some we would suggest that you try:

– Avada SEO Image Optimizer

– Easy PDF Invoice


– Ultimate Sales Boost

– Pagefly landing page

– Ali Review

– Rewards

And more could be found on


That was all we wish to share with you today, hope that it helps. We will be back soon, stay tuned.

Wish you a very Happy New Year, and your store to be a big success!